Can Leader "Mojo" Be Learned?

Deep Principles of Leadership Grant Power to Make Your Positive Vision Real


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Global changemaker, leadership coach and entrepreneur Nathan Otto taught a one-time, 10-week Evolutionary Leadership intensive at Integral Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

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A letter for you from Nathan:

Dear Friend,

Leadership is powerful stuff — it’s the only way to take a possibility from dream to reality. But let me tell you right up front: leadership demands a lot from you.

Unless you are ready to “dig deep”, click over to some mediocre “leadership” program.

If you’re like most leaders, you’ve struggled with your next level of leadership, frustrated with what seems like slow results, hidden obstacles and invisible snags.

Your commitment and my commitment, together, means we are natural allies who can help each other realize our dreams – and you’re going to like what you discover here.

But first let’s do a gut check…

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Do you deal with frustration when trying to make your vision clear and inspiring so people get it?
  2. Do you sometimes wonder if you even have a leadership bone in your body?
  3. Do you wonder when you are going to gain traction, attract resources, and find your dream team of collaborators?

If so, you’re really going to get a lot out of what I will share with you. You see…

This is your chance to learn exactly what you need
to grow and develop yourself into a truly effective leader.

You see, I’ve hacked into the subconscious operating system of leadership… and seen simple insights… to turn anyone willing to learn into an effective leader making a real difference.

I geek out on this stuff — I’ve spent years on book learning — math, science, literature, languages, history. I’ve got the degree. I’ve also spent decades in spiritual practices, mediation, hatha yoga. I’m an athlete and classically trained ballet dancer. I’ve also started a movement to create world peace, motivated by deadlines, and with practical steps to get there. In fact, I’ve written a book about it.

When I say I’ve hacked the subconscious operating system, I mean there are a few simple insights that let you fully understand yourself and others, and then form your leadership from that understanding.

You might be shaking your head – in fact, I hope you are… because from what I’ve seen out there passed off as “leadership”, I’m skeptical too.

Here’s exactly what I’ve discovered:

  • The incredibly important difference between “leadership” and evolutionary leadership;
  • Why “values” are far more specific and important than you think – and how you can authentically harness their power with ease;
  • There’s a “secret switch” turned on by a high quality question that supercharges your leadership;
  • How you can maximize all three aspects of leading: YOU, the leader; your leadership; and your vision;
  • Exactly how to take your idea for a better world and turn it into a clear, inspiring vision;
  • Why neurologically there are two distinct levels of morality – and why and how happiness is founded by leading from the higher level.

You can see why this power needs to get in the hands of people who are going to create positive change, right? It might sound wild… but it works. In fact…

Here’s What REAL People Say:
Nat Mundel

Nat Mundel

“1 hour with Nathan is worth more than 10 marketing courses, 4 weekend leadership seminars, and 30 years of therapy! To quote the movie ‘About Schmidt’, Nathan makes me want to be a better man.”

Nat Mundel, founder, Voyage Media, USA National Rock Climbing Champion


Mr. Ibrahim Alhusseini

Ibrahim Alhusseini

As the Managing Member of a Green Technology Venture Capital firm, performance and execution are of paramount importance to me. Nathan Otto delivers results as promised in both those areas. He also does it in a rapid format that is both personable and powerful. I found him to be exceptionally wise and kind in his coaching. I am consistently left with both the results that I seek and a warm & generous exchange.

My work with Mr. Otto has me embarking on some of the most financially rewarding projects I have recently encountered as well becoming a better person for the people that mean the most to me.”

Ibrahim Al-Husseini, founder The Husseini Group


“I’m the founder of an enterprise software solution firm, I must say that Nathan has a knack to mirror a new perspective, not only in a way that it makes profound sense… but also it seems as if it is the one thing that will have the most leverage for you. The most leverage, not only for your current and future business projects, but in your life in general.”

Nicolas Dubé, founder Simple Renaissance Solutions
For more about Nathan Otto, visit his homepage.

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Now that you can see it really does work…

Here’s Why It Works So Well:

As you know, a lot of leadership training is a list of generalities and techniques that DO NOT WORK. There’s some good stuff out there, but it’s hard to find, and often so expensive that it’s reserved for people who can afford it.

But there IS a key difference… it’s just not what most people think. Here’s what I mean:

Most leadership insights are based on observing and interviewing successful leaders, finding what they have in common, then teaching those methods to everyone else. Many famous business books are created exactly this way – but they all suffer the limitation of their approach.

You see, you are never going to deeply understand leadership by observing the results – its like trying to understand a computer by looking at what happens when you press the buttons on the keyboard. What does happen when you press the buttons? IT DEPENDS!

You would need to understand computers.

For leadership, you need to understand humans.

If you try to apply the “rules” of leadership as described in the carefully researched leadership books, you can only get marginal results – because you never get into your own operating system, and the operating system of your participants, to truly evolve.

Evolutionary Leadership is called evolutionary because practitioners come to deeply understand themselves, understand leadership, and align themselves with their leadership vision. Evolutionary Leaders come to know exactly how to respond and adapt to fulfill their vision.

The Evolutionary Leader herself evolves, and she evolves everyone who participates in her leadership.

It works so well because you grasp and operate from the very foundational principles of evolution and leadership – and you DON’T chase the latest fad, but you DO effectively engineer every kind of beauty, benefit and stability.

I know this might sound like a lot to chew on. That’s why I put everything together into a one-time, live-recorded, 10-week program. I know you want to become the leader you have dreamed of being, and make the changes that help everyone. I do my best to help you do exactly that.

Evolutionary Leadership: 10 Weeks to Mastery

I created Evolutionary Leadership when I saw how many amazing people were dealing with manifesting their positive visions. And judging by all the feedback I’ve already gotten, I’m quite confident it can help YOU too.

You see, I’ve created this so that you can install the key competencies of your leadership operating system… FAST. You’ll discover:

  • Exactly how and why people change their leadership and followership behaviors
  • How to quickly create a fully aligned leadership vision
  • What morally enlightened leadership is and how to spot it and practice it
  • The most powerful ways to communicate your vision to gain traction
  • Practices of presence and charisma
  • How to maintain a peak of problem-free creativity in yourself and your followers
  • How to diffuse and co-opt any and all opposition
  • How to be both unshakable and flexible

And although this sounds like your investment is going to be tons of money… it won’t.

Access to Evolutionary Leadership
Is Only $197
Satisfaction Guaranteed

For 60 days, if you don’t like it, or you don’t use it, or you get too busy, or if it’s too hard, then you get your money back. No questions.

Why do that? Because you need to learn this stuff. A true evolutionary leader is a positive force that affects the entire world.

The same constraints that hold you back from achieving your vision are holding back your true gift to the world. You need to unleash your evolutionary vision, not just for you, but for everyone.

I know, you might be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

After all… leadership courses that shift the path of your life don’t usually don’t ask for a less than $200 — they ask for $1,000, $5,000 or even more for just the first installment. They dress it up and make it official.

The real reason for this low price is, this is the first and possibly only time this will be offered with these original live recordings along with my raw notes.

See, I was intending to make a high-quality video course, really slick, then package it up and sell it to evolutionary leaders for $3,200 a pop — a really great value.

But what really happened was that I’m getting married, writing two books, coaching full-time, running a non-profit, and I simply don’t have the focus to polish up this material and make it pretty. At the same time, these insights and exercises need to be out there, available to people like you wanting to unlock their leadership potential.

So, even though the video and audio quality are more YouTube than HBO, and the worksheets are not yet professionally designed, I owed it to myself and everyone to make this content available. If you’re the kind of person who needs the packaging to be slick and cool, then wait for the next release.

And, someday soon I am going to polish it up, but meanwhile I need the live interaction with real people, with you, because this stuff is so cutting-edge, it’s never been offered before – not the models, the insights, the worksheets, the practices, the exercises, the community interaction. It’s the fresh distillation of decades of work on my part.

So your participation is very valuable to me — that’s the other reason to offer it at just $197. Your feedback will show me exactly where I need to fine-tune this material. I’ve even set up an exclusive membership site for you and for other Evolutionary Leaders.

My daily corporate consulting rate – and believe me, it took weeks to organize  and deliver each of these ten Evolutionary Leadership sessions – is $6,000. My coaching rate is $250 per hour. So – and my business manager tells me every day – I should be charging a lot more.

But truth be told, it’s important to me to make sure Evolutionary Leadership principles get to the right people. It helps me reach and affect more people.

I’m not saying I’ll keep it at this price forever though. Most experts charge $5000 or more for this caliber of training. That is what will happen after this initial phase is over.

But you won’t need to worry about that! You are already reading these words. You have the opportunity to upgrade your leadership in front of you. Carpe diem!

Only 50 spots available

There’s one other catch — I need to be hands-on with this, and I can only handle questions and feedback from 50 people – any more people, and I’m overwhelmed. So when I get just 50 active participants, I turn off the tap, shut down this page, and start a waiting list. Right now, it’s open.

You need to be one of them, so that your experience of Evolutionary Leadership helps make it better for everyone who follows.

So that’s the deal: only 50 spots, and then I wind up the course so that it does not take too much from my other leadership activities.

One more thing you should know:

Your Participation is 100% RISK-FREE

(Except you risk losing your fear of leadership,
and you risk becoming a huge force for change in the world,
and you risk having to handle all the hoopla.

If for any reason Evolutionary Leadership doesn’t work out for you… all you have to do is let me know anytime 60 days after your purchase and I’ll promptly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple. Sound good?

Here’s What to Do NOW:

Registration is easy. Click the “Get Instant Access” button below.

After clicking Instant Access, you’ll go to the Evolutionary Leadership payment page. You’ll pay the $197 participation fee, and then receive an email confirmation that gives you:

  • Instant access to the 10 Evolutionary Leadership video sessions
  • Instant access to my live working notes I used to teach each session
  • Immediate access to the presentations, images, and models I created to teach and illustrate the key principles of Evolutionary Leadership
  • Privileged access to the worksheets and exercises
  • A lifetime membership to the Evolutionary Leadership members-only website
  • Access to the Evolutionary Leadership blog for members, including insights and connection with other evolutionary leaders in the course

Today is the day. After all 50 spots are full, it will be to late. Register today. Your small action now will change the trajectory of your life.


Nathan Otto

PS: Remember, your investment is in your leadership. No one teaches you this stuff unless you get into some elite program in business, the military, or government, and even then, it’s not this deep.

PPS: There’s no special shortcut to leadership — you have to learn it and practice it. But if you never learn it, you can’t practice it, and you’ll never even know what’s holding you back.

PPPS: Bonus question: what are you waiting for? Practice leadership decisiveness now, it’s really easy, there’s only three possibilities: 1. you know you need this and you trust me, so you buy it; 2. you know you need to put your attention on some other area of your life (then why did you read until here?) or 3. You need more information of some kind, which you are likely to get by investing now and getting a refund if it doesn’t work for you.